12 Tasty Breakfasts You Can Make in The Microwave

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When you have a 9am lecture, sometimes it's near impossible to make something more exciting than toast or shreddies.


Why not try these quick, delicious, breakfast fixes you can make in the microwave?

1) Blueberry Mug Muffin
Healthy, delicious and minimal washing up.



2) Scrambled Eggs
An old classic you can do in the microwave


3) Banana Burrito 
Peanut Butter, Jam, Banana and Burrito – amazing!


4) Nutella Mug Cake
Admittedly, not the healthiest breakfast, but Nutella is the perfect pre-lecture perk.

5) Bacon
Yes, it is possible to microwave bacon. That means it’s possible to have bacon at any time without the risk of setting your fire alarm off, rejoice!

6) Quiche
Quick, easy, healthy, tasty and minimal washing up, this quiche wins.

7) French Toast

Impress someone with this petit déjeuner.

8) Banana, Cinnamon and Maple Quinoa

Get on the superfood hype with this breakfast beauty.

9) Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip *Breakfast* Cookie

Gluten Free and Milk Free, this breakfast treat isn’t as naughty as it looks.

10) Mug Banana Bread

Totally counts as one of your five a day, right?* Either way, this recipe is super quick to put you in a good mood before your early lectures.

11) Oatmeal Cookie

Low calorie and delicious, this smiley cookie will perk you up before that walk to uni.

12) A Cup of Coffee Cake

Everyone loves coffee in the morning. Everyone loves cake. Why not combine the two, and  in under five minute you have a microwavable coffee cake!


These are just 12 of the thousands of mug recipes you can find with a little Google. Perfect for early mornings, or anytime when the washing up seems like a little too much work.