Fortunately, there is a way to make the revision season a bit less stressful, all from the palm of your hand! The below list of apps is guaranteed to give you a leg up this study season, helping you stay organised and composed, no matter how many exams are crammed into your timetable.

Quizlet (
This platform was created to simplify and organise revision by digitising flashcards, enabling users to create study sets or use study sets made from other users. It also gives access to expert-curated study material by for example, Oxford University Press, Pearson and Kaplan. Today, Quizlet has over 50 million active learners across 130 countries, which gives students access to over 300 million user-generated study sets, on every revision topic and subject imaginable. The app offers seven study modes so you can learn, revise and test yourself in whichever way suits you best.

Hold (
This Norwegian app is the most beneficial tool to have in your arsenal as you go into revision season. Not only does the app stop you getting distracted by endless social media notifications, but it actually rewards you for ignoring your phone! For every twenty minutes that you don’t look at your phone and focus on your work, you receive 10 points. Once enough points are received, you can exchange them for half-price cinema tickets, free popcorn, coffee and other useful (and fun!) things to enjoy post-exam period. Created by Norwegian students who knew first-hand how difficult it is to focus when your smartphone is just there, this app will keep you focused throughout the gruelling revision, and exam, period.

Blinkist (
Blinkist takes non-fiction books and distills the key points into concise 15 minute, text or audio digests. It is a great tool to have as you travel to and from the library, or just fancy a productive break from revision, providing you with some interesting insights, and quotable tidbits that might turn out very useful come exam time. Blinkist’s library contains over 2,000 books-in-blinks, ranging from texts on psychology, through to politics, history and management. The format is also ideal during revision season, as you can switch between reading or listening to the content, which increases your chances of retaining the information. Similarly, the fact that each book-in-blinks is fifteen minutes or less, means it is ideal for a last-minute cramming session!


Babbel (
The ultimate tool for any linguists out there! Whether you are just beginning your language journey, or are a fully fledged linguist who really needs help polishing their conversation skills before an oral exam, this is the app for you. With 14 languages to choose from, Babbel will get you to conversational standard in no time, and can even help you perfect your accent to help you earn those bonus points.

Remente (
Exam season is stressful, and we all know how stress can negatively impact our mental health. To protect yourself and your mind, download Remente, a personal development and mental wellbeing app. With courses ranging from how to manage stress, to how best to boost your memory and productivity, this app will help you feel balanced during these gruelling weeks and help you make it to the finish line, without being completely worn out.

Exam Countdown Lite (
This is the perfect app for those balancing a packed exam and revision schedule, allowing users to create their own, easily customisable, timetables. Students can design their schedules with countdown timers, set up reminder notifications, input exam and test timetables, and sync their schedules with their teachers and schools, all through the app. Students can also create unlimited exam countdowns, spanning years, days, hours, minutes and seconds. Talk about staying organised!

Pocket (

This app allows you to save articles, stories, videos, and news updates from any device, publication, website, or app, all in one, centralised place. It’s perfect for students who like to pull from many sources and places, ensuring you never lose track of your revision notes, sources and inspiration. You can then consume your collection of content whenever, as the app is available on both mobile and desktop devices!