Choosing universities? 3 reasons why you should pick a sporty one!

Choosing the right university is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever have to make. Not only should you choose one which will allow you to have the best opportunities for a brighter future,...


Leeds is a culturally diverse city and has something to offer to everyone. Over the past two decades Leeds has been transformed from a heavily industrialised manufacturing centre to the leading cultural and commercial...

FISITA Travel Bursary available to support essential costs on valuable student work placements

The funding helps with the costs of taking part in organised work placements (internships, exchange programmes and work placements) in automotive companies and research institutions overseas. The initiative was first launched in 2006 and...

Funding your studies in the USA

To avoid the disappointment of gaining admission but not having sufficient funding to take up your place, consider funding as you choose a university and explore funding options as you complete your applications in...

BGU Degree Course Leading the Battle Against Assignment Cheats

The use by students of essay and assignment writing companies has hit the headlines once again with a number of YouTube vloggers coming under fire for endorsing academic cheating. A BBC Trending investigation discovered over 1000...

International Student Advice – Learning the Social Customs

However, if you don’t know much about the country, it can be a little daunting knowing you will soon be submerged in the culture, which can be made even more nerve wracking if you’re...

Why Study in the USA

There are many benefits to studying in the US, but don't just take our word for it! Each summer we survey UK students before they go over Here are the top reasons they tell us...

University offers explained

Most universities will get hundreds of applications for each course, and they need time to make up their minds. It can be nerve-wracking waiting for them, but you can keep track of your applications...


With a Student population of around 50,000, Sheffield is known for its friendliness, it's an easy-going and tolerant place to live, and local people welcome the contribution students make to life in the

Brighton and Hove

Effortlessly funky and so hip it hurts, this seaside city is the chill-out zone of choice for DJs, rock stars, actors, artists - and anybody looking for a good time. Less than an hour...
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Play the Mile

Play the Mile takes place across Culture Mile from 18 May   to 25 August and explores the value of play and creativity in...

Merrily We Roll Along




The Millennial Disruption

The Millennial Disruption was featured on BBC5 Live, where it was referred to as "disruptive in its very approach". It has now been nominated for...



It: Chapter Two


X-Men: The New Mutants