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Study in Canada: Scholarship tips for students

Being informed about what is available to you and how to apply can make a big difference for your postsecondary studies. Scholarship truths While grades and extracurricular activities are the basis for many scholarships...

Undergraduate Study in the USA

Read below for an overview of the steps you need to take when applying to undergraduate study in the USA  Why do so many students cross the Atlantic to pursue an undergraduate degree? In a...

British students seduced by financial and cultural rewards of studying overseas

Almost half (44%) of students believe that they are more likely to get a higher paid job if they study abroad Only 14% are confident that studying in the UK sets them up...

Funding your studies in the USA

To avoid the disappointment of gaining admission but not having sufficient funding to take up your place, consider funding as you choose a university and explore funding options as you complete your applications in...

Study in Canada: Working after Graduation

You may choose to: Return to your home country armed with a globally recognized degree or diploma and invaluable international work experience. Continue your studies in Canada for advanced credentials. Gain additional work experience...

Why Study in the USA

There are many benefits to studying in the US, but don't just take our word for it! Each summer we survey UK students before they go over Here are the top reasons they tell us...

Frequently Asked Questions about Studying in Canada

Q: What are the requirements for admission into Canadian universities? A: Each university in Canada has its own policy regarding admission requirements. Contact each university directly for the admission requirements of the program you’re interested...

More UK students “go Dutch” for their university education

They are travelling to Maastricht University in the Netherlands for a special  undergraduate Open Day on Saturday March 12 where they will meet other British students who are already studying there. Maastricht was one of the first Dutch universities...

Scholarships from US universities

After assessing your personal and family savings, your best resource for funding will likely be the US university. In fact, nearly a quarter of international students report US universities as their primary source of...

10 Essential Things to Know When Considering a U.S. University

Deciding on whether to study abroad can be very tough - on the one hand you will be leaving your friends and family behind for a few years, but on the other you will...
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MPs committed to European study opportunities get our vote, say students

Over 6 in 10 students are likely to vote for a political party willing to protect future study opportunities within Europe for UK students...

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