Good Inspirations in Scarboro’

A reading of poems and letters written by Wilfred Owen 1917-1918 in Scarborough Saturday 10 Feb 2018, 3pm, Scarborough Art Gallery, Free with Annual Pass.


On Saturday 10 February at Scarborough Art Gallery, the Wilfred Owen Society will present a reading of letters and poems written between the celebrated war poet and his mother during his time in Scarborough. Sam Gray and Yvette Morris will present Good Inspirations in Scarboro’, reading as Wilfred and Susan Owen, who shared a strong bond and a close relationship. The event reveals their thoughts in their own written words during the time Owen spent in Scarborough between November 1917 and August 1918.

The talk will be illustrated with projected images of the Clifton Hotel where Owen was billeted (then called the Clarence Gardens Hotel). The event is free with an annual pass and no booking is needed.

Good Inspirations in Scarboro’ begins a centenary programme of the 1918 -2018 events marking the final year of Owen’s life, much of which he spent in Scarborough. “They will not dream of us poor lads…”: Wilfred Owen in Scarborough will be presented at Scarborough Art Gallery from 7 April – 2 September 2018 , with exhibits exploring how his experiences, the people he met and the places he visited shaped him as a poet. It includes the museum’s own Wilfred Owen bust which was donated to the Scarborough Collections by award-winning artist Anthony Padgett.


For more details on the Wilfred Owen Society reading of poems and letters written by Wilfred Owen, or forthcoming exhibitions, please visit or call 01723 374753.