With echoes of Single White Female, writer-director Matt Spicer’s debut feature and Sundance hit winningly mines the social media obsessions of our age. Aubrey Plaza stars as Ingrid, who escapes her dull suburban existence by following and ultimately stalking the glitzy lives of Instagram stars. Eventually hospitalised after violently crashing the wedding of one such web-celeb, Ingrid then inherits $60,000, moves to Los Angeles and rather more successfully insinuates herself into the life of major online ‘influencer’ Taylor Sloane (Olsen).

Suitably flattered, Taylor takes Ingrid under her wing. But this sharply observed comedy wrought by Spicer and co-writer David Branson Smith takes a much darker turn when Taylor’s caustic brother (Magnussen) arrives, detects Ingrid’s subterfuge and forcefully intervenes.



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