Research has shown that fewer than 5% of Scots are applying to universities in England. This is primarily due to the increase in tuition fees, which in turn has created a cultural segregation between...

Students’ unions – List of Student Unions

Your students' union will probably be the hub of your university or college. The union is responsible for social events, sports events, discounts, music, and most importantly, for representing students Not all universities are...

University clubs and societies

Each university and college is different, but most places will have clubs and societies for all popular recreations and interests. ‘Raising and Giving’ (RAG) societies are often busy on campus all year, organising stunts...

Better safe than sorry

Katie had left for safe than dress ball at her University looking forward to a memorable night out. The memories are still with her. They have left her with panic attacks, nightmares and a...

Student Freshers – Living in a new town

Moving to a new place, especially a large, intimidating city, can be a daunting experience. In time, you will come to consider it as your home from home, but in the beginning, you are...

Top 10 things to expect when you leave student halls

Housing is one of the few pains of being students. Come the New Year, students tend to panic and settle for the first house they marginally like. But there are some pros and cons...

New Platform gives students’ power to expose dodgy hall providers.

Kristian Else, 22, moved from Australia to London in 2011 to study at the University of Westminster, but was astonished along with his fellow flat mates, at the awful state of the private student...

University sports

There are many universities across the United Kingdom that compete against each other in a number of major sporting events throughout the academic year. Football, rugby and cricket are just a few examples of...

What to expect from your university experience

A lot from the university (about your accommodation, what they’re planning for your Freshers’Week, and what you’ll need to do to enrol), and a lot of junk about student accounts and credit cards. There’ll...

Freshers Advice- Student Tips for living in university halls

Student Halls of residence are where most university students live during  their first year of university or college (unless you are studying locally and living at home). They are a really great place to start...
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Student loans and finance

Most students planning to go to university can borrow money to pay for their fees and living costs. The amount you receive will depend...

University Tuition fees


Student Loans Explained

Volunteering in Africa

Round the world flights




Latest Movie: Knives Out

A mystery is brewing at the Thrombrey residence as wealthy family patriarch Harlan (Christopher Plummer) celebrates his 85th birthday surrounded by his estranged family,...

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