London School of Business and Finance launches learning app for mobile

    The app has been adapted to further improve access to learning for LSBF students


    London School of Business and Finance (LSBF) has today announced the launch of the LSBF online mobile app, Study LSBF. This app enables students to access their studies at any time using only their mobile phones.

    Study LSBF is being launched to improve access to a variety of learning resources, as part of LSBF’s dedication to constant innovation of the learning experience. The app will enable LSBF students to study via their mobiles anywhere at any time, needing only an internet connection.

    The app will feature a Live Student Support chat bubble, which will allow students to connect directly with student support services. They will be able to receive notifications, updates, as well as being able to contact tutors and submit assignments. Additionally, through the app, students will be able to watch online lectures, keep track of coursework via a to-do list and calendar, and view their grades. Later releases of the app will include offline-features, allowing students to study without the need for an internet connection.


    LSBF Registrar, Karina Kizhner, said, “London School of Business and Finance is very proud to announce the launch of the Study LSBF app. With it, students are able to engage with their studies more easily, wherever they go and at any time. LSBF has always looked to innovate the learning experience for our students, and the Study LSBF app is another example of this commitment.”

    An additional benefit of the app is the possibility for students to take part in discussion forums. The app will encourage them to share ideas and receive feedback from other students.  Students will be able to review the app, and contribute with their suggestions to improve its performance and use as a learning tool.

    The free mobile app, currently available in the IOS App Store, was designed for students pursuing a Master’s in Business (MBA), a Master’s in Finance, and Master’s in Marketing. The app’s Android version is also soon to be released.

    Whilst LSBF continues to offer classroom and online-based courses, the Study LSBF app allows students to learn without restrictions determined by location and time.  Karina concluded, “Our students are busy individuals, with responsibilities and a life outside the classroom. LSBF believes that 21stcentury study should fit with 21stcentury life and the Study LSBF app does this for our students.”