Based on their successful scheme for students, UK Guarantor, the UK’s leading rent guarantor service, have decided to broaden their offer and enable recent graduates and working professionals to access the scheme and pay their rent in manageable instalments.

The company, who operates from their headquarters in Manchester, offers its services to new applicants who meet set criteria which includes proof of identity and income.

There are new offers and support for existing customers too. Those students, who have used the UK Guarantor service for 3 years during University will get their first year after graduation for free, as UK Guarantor want to assist and make the transition to work easier.

UK Guarantor is also putting aside a proportion of their profits to support students and working professionals, which includes a fund to enable applicants from the care system to use the rent guarantor service for free.


Nick Emms, director of UK Guarantor, said: “We are excited to announce the expansion and ability to offer our services to graduates and working professionals as well as students.

“It can be very difficult to start renting a property and we are proud to be able to offer help and act as guarantor to those that need it.”

The average rent in the UK is currently £926 per month. UK Guarantor’s fees, compared to other services in the market, which charge the applicant an amount equivalent of one month’s rent, start at one annual payment from £249 (capped at £599) with no upper limit to the amount of rent that UK Guarantor will help guarantee.