Milkshake festival, the world’s most open-minded electronic music festival, returns to Amsterdam from Saturday 29th to Sunday 30th July.



29 – 30 July 2017
● The world’s most open-minded electronic music festival returns to Amsterdam this July
● Milkshake 2017 brings an ode to George Michael and Wham
Milkshake festival, the world’s most open-minded electronic music festival, returns to Amsterdam from Saturday 29th to Sunday 30th July.
What happens when the unique Free Love and Tolerance Policy of two of the biggest clubs in Amsterdam are thrown together in a blender with a dose of liberalism, art, culture, entertainment and creativity? Milkshake Festival Amsterdam. A collaboration between two of the city’s major clubs, Paradiso and AIR, Milkshake is a festival that’s been created from the thought that ‘nothing should be mandatory, anything is possible’. Life is just a party thanks to the great diversity of skin colors, religions, sexual preferences and male and female forms. Thick, thin, small, large, gay, straight, trans,black or white: Milkshake is a true celebration of diversity and freedom of expression.

Taking place at the Westerpark culture park, the 6th edition of Milkshake will feature the Wham’bam Thank You Ma’am stage, a special ode to Wham, in honour of George Michael. With it’s own defining character, breathtaking decor and performance art, festival revellers are in for a fun and entertaining
ride! ‘Let Milkshake take you to the place, where membership’s a smiling face… Fun and sunshine, there’s enough for everyone!’ Both national and international stage hosts have confirmed their attendance to the festival.

Dutch artist Erwin Olaf will own a place in the Westerpark and, like in previous editions, tell a story through performances, light and music. Transformer by Joost van Bellen and Zubrowka International are present for the second time. Transformer is about the transformation in many different forms, from
falling in love to the transgender community and this is celebrated.
International contributions come from Paris, London, Cologne and Berlin. Less Drama More Techno from Paris emerged from the less-is-more way of thinking: less blah-blah, less ‘attitude’, less drama, but more Techno! The WUT? CLUB from London is characterized by controversial colourful club kids who rebel against the narrow-mindedness and refer strongly to the club kids of the infamous club Limelight in New York. From Germany comes Sexy Party Cologne.


These renowned parties usually take place at the Bootshaus in Cologne and are a focus during one of the largest Gay Prides of Europe.
At Milkshake, the festival where “nothing is mandatory, but anything goes’, Amsterdam and Rotterdam are brotherly represented. “ De Trut ” (The Bitch), an Amsterdam non-commercial disco for dykes and queers since 1985, provides a good atmosphere and good music. You can also expect Damage by Mister B . Mister B‘s leather and fetish shops are a representative of the fetish scene since.