More UK students “go Dutch” for their university education

More would-be students from the UK are “going Dutch” for their university education.


They are travelling to Maastricht University in the Netherlands for a

special  undergraduate Open Day on Saturday March 12 where they will meet

other British students who are already studying there.


Maastricht was one of the first Dutch universities to attract students

from the UK by offering degrees taught in English for just £1,500 a year.

Ranked higher than many leading British universities in global league

tables, it has seen its number of UK students more than quadruple to

nearly 500 over the past five years.

Josie Cooper, 16, who currently attends Davenant Foundation School in

Loughton, Essex, hopes to study European Law at Maastricht and will attend

the Open Day with her parents.

She said: “Studying abroad provides new experiences and a real chance to

‘fly the nest’ and be independent.

“It will be interesting to experience, as a British citizen, different

cultures and languages. It would be nice to learn a different language, as

I am used to going anywhere in the world only to be spoken to in English.

“I am aware the Dutch have fantastic language skills but I hope to pick up

some Dutch if I were to be accepted into Maastricht.”

Josie admitted that the cost of courses is also a factor in her decision.

“To take a university course in England costs £9,000 a term, however in

Europe it costs considerably less.”

Samantha Landers, 21, from Tolworth, Surrey is studying for an Economics

and Business Economics degree at Maastricht University after being

impressed at an Open Day.

She said: “My mum first started looking into foreign universities after

hearing a story about them on the news. We then found a podcast in which a

Maastricht University student was interviewed.

“I liked the idea of Maastricht University due to its reputation, the ease

of getting here from the UK and the fact that it’s taught in English with

students from all over the world.”

Katie Grinyer attended the Maastricht University Open Day last November to

find more about the Bachelor’s degree in European Public Health.  “It’s a

unique programme, the only one like it in Europe,” she says.

Katie, 19, from Clevedon near Bristol, is now on a gap year working in

France, Katie is due to start her course at Maastricht in September. With

grades AAB for her A-levels Katie could have taken her pick of UK

universities but decided she wanted a bigger challenge.

“Studying and living with people from lots of different cultures at a

really international university appealed to me and I also think that the

way they teach through problem based learning with research, presentations

and group work will be really character building and emulate the workplace

much more than just attending lectures.

“Also, of course, there is the fact that the tuition fees at Maastricht

are so much lower than those in the UK so I will be graduating with far

less debt than my friends back home.”

Izzy Bickerton was unsure about studying abroad until she attended the

Maastricht Open day last autumn and decided it was her number one choice.

“I already knew the city and loved it, but what clinched it for me was the

talk by the European Law professor about problem based learning.  Students

learn in seminars by problem solving real life cases and it combines

independent learning and group work.  It sounds very exciting and I think

it will be a very good preparation for the workplace, especially for

lawyers,” she says.

Izzy, 18, from Wolverhampton, has also applied to universities in the UK

through UCAS and was offered places by all of her five choices.

“My first choice in the UK is Law and French at Birmingham, but Maastricht

has always been my number one choice and the Open Day definitely cemented

it for me. It’s because of the problem based teaching, the course itself

and the international experience I will get, meeting people from many

different countries and cultures. Also Maastricht is higher on the global

rankings than many of our UK universities,” she says.

A spokeswoman for the University said: “It is clear that a growing number

of UK students are coming to realise that Europe has a great deal to offer

if they are looking for high quality education, a stimulating student

experience, and great career prospects. Financial support is also

available from the Dutch government, so together with competitive tuition

fees a Maastricht degree is very affordable as well as highly desirable.”

Travelling to Maastricht from London takes just 3 hours by train.

Bachelor’s Open Day visitors will be able to find out more about courses,

tuition fees, student grants, accommodation, and facilities, and explore

the attractive cobbled streets of the city.