NewVIc Honours student offered a place to study Classics at Oxford University

NewVIc Honours Programme student Aisha has been offered a place at Worcester College after competing with private school students.


NewVIc student Aisha has received an offer to study Classics at Oxford University.  Aisha is the first student from NewVIc to study Classics at the prestigious Worcester College. Aisha will be studying Classics in the study of Greek and Roman civilisations. She is predicted to achieve grades of AAA in the summer. Aisha is the second child in her family to be going to one of the top Russell Group universities.

Aisha is in her final year studying A Levels in History, Psychology and Biology. Aisha is also enrolled on the college’s Honours Programme for gifted and talented students. The Honours Programme at NewVIc aims to support students with high academic potential from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds, by inspiring and engaging them in challenging topics often only taught in private schools.

Whilst on the Honours Programme Aisha took part in the Classics Programme in partnership with King’s College in her first year. Aisha’s enjoyment of the programme inspired her to pursue studying the course at Oxford University.

This bespoke programme is only available to students from Newham Sixth Form College and has now been running for three years. The programme is also available to a limited number of Year 11 students in the borough through the college’s Schools Outreach programme.


Aisha, Honours and A Level student, said: “I am very excited! I was hugely shocked when I received the offer as I was convinced I would be rejected, and it still hasn’t sunk in yet. The main reason I was so sure I would be rejected was because I was competing with private school students and I thought my interviews did not go great. Though, Carina reassured me saying that the ‘worse’ the interview, the better as it means they want to challenge you. I am very fortunate to have been given a place out of all the applications that have been made.

It was definitely a strange journey, in that at one point I almost withdrew from applying to Oxford. I felt that there was no point in applying as I probably would not get in anyway. Of course, in hindsight, this seems unreasonable as I would never have known if I hadn’t tried. Thankfully Carina had discussed it with me and I decided to carry on with the application. It was a very tiring process, with around five drafts of my personal statement, an admissions test, written work and seven interviews, but it was definitely worth all that effort.”

Honours Programme Manager Carina was a huge support during the entire process of Aisha’s application. Carina is an Oxford University alumni and is very knowledgeable about both what Oxford is looking for, and also about Classics which has helped Aisha and her peers.

Carina Ancell, Honours Programme Manager and Teacher of History, added: “Aisha is very fortunate to be accepted by Oxford University that many other ambitious young people like her apply to but only a few get selected. The Honours Programme works in partnership with many universities like Oxford and King’s College, some bespoke and only available at NewVIc. The support sessions we offer at NewVIc breaks down what students can expect at their interviews, and how best they can prepare for them. Being an Oxford University alumni myself, I have been able to pass on my knowledge and experience to the students directly which has benefitted them all. We are extremely proud of Aisha.”

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