Working while studying may put money in your pocket and another line on your CV, but balancing earning and learning can be the worst of both worlds. Finding a job flexible enough to let you study when deadlines are looming may seem an impossible task, but it is possible. As a postgraduate student about to finish my studies, I wanted to share why temp agency work could just be the answer you’re looking for.

  1. You can choose your hours

Flexibility is the main thing you need from your job when you are studying full-time. When you work with an agency, you have full flexibility, you make your own schedule, you choose when, where and how much you want to work by only applying for shifts that suit you. Most of the agencies now have apps. Yes, exactly! It’s pretty easy and convenient for students, all you need is your phone and mobile data to start booking yourself for the shifts you like.

  1. You get paid weekly

No more leaving without money to the end of the month.


When you work with a temp agency, you get paid every week, mostly Fridays but can be Wednesday or Thursday as well. That means you dispose of with your money every week, which can give you the ability to easily manage your finances. In addition, you earn holiday pay as you go!

  1. Possibility of making many friendships

Working with an agency means meeting new people and going to new places all the time. If you are a social person who loves to make contacts, you will have the opportunity to make many new friends from different countries and backgrounds. You can easily create a new network with your fellow colleagues.

  1. You gain different skills and experience

Do not neglect any of the skills you will acquire. It can really help when you’re putting together your CV and application for internships or graduate jobs. When you work in a variety of different shifts, you adopt different skills, which makes you more of a rival. That is all plus for your future career. You may think that all you’ve learned from your work at the bar is how to pour pints, but you’ll be wrong. Working behind the bar can give you skills that are highly sought after by graduate recruiters and trainees. Teamwork, Customer awareness, Numeracy, Responsibility, Time management, Integrity, Resilience and Working under pressure are just some of the skills that the retail or hospitality industry can give you.

  1. Many future opportunities can be revealed to you

Since I work with temporary agency employment, I have had at least five different full-time and part-time job offers at different companies. If you like a particular company and the work environment and they are happy with the job you do, you can easily become a permanent employee there.

  1. You work in a variety of places with an exciting atmosphere

The vast variety of shifts can offer you a different atmosphere – from a 5-star boutique hotel offering excellent service where you can listen for the economic growth of some of the largest companies in the world to live view of UEFA Europa League and pouring beer at the stadium pavilion. All these events can bring you exceptional emotions.

  1. No more day off requests

No more cancelled weekend or vacation requests, no more ruined summer or family vacation plans! You have the power at your hands and it’s up to you when to work and when to rest. What’s better than that?

  1. No need to stress more about your deadlines

Don’t worry about university deadlines and that you don’t have time to complete your assignments because of the necessity to work. Take the time you need to finish your outstanding task without worrying that you will miss the deadline. Next week, when you have more spare time, you will make up for lost money with additional shifts.

  1. Earn extra money for each shift around Christmas


It’s more than making money on your own schedule. Agency work gives you the opportunity to develop your personal and work skills through training. In addition, around Christmas, when it’s the busiest time, there are bonuses of between £10-£30 for most shifts and prize draws, in which you can win digital gadgets like the latest iPhone / Samsung, new wireless headsets or a spa weekend for two, cash vouchers and etc.

About the Author: Adel Kostova, a student at Richmond University in London, has done extensive research on working with an agency and what the benefits of working as a graduate student are. As a student and agency employee, she uses information from her own personal experience as well as her research to educate and encourage students to work and study full-time simultaneously.