The Co-operative Group is a valued commercial partner of NUS, and they share many of our values – now we’re asking them to withdraw their advertising funds from papers that propagate hate.

Since late last year, NUS has been working with Stop Funding Hate to encourage brands to consider the impact their advertisement fundshave on divisive editorial content in UK newspapers.

We have been contacting our suppliers and commercial partners, encouraging them to review their advertising practices and to remove advertising funds from The Sun, Daily Mail and Daily Express newspapers -so as to stop indirectly funding hate-fuelled rhetoric. One such valued partner – The Co-operative Group – are having their Annual General Meeting this weekend. We’re hoping to influence the Co-operative ahead of this meeting by asking them to put their advertisement funding in places that don’t clash with their values.

Richard Brooks, NUS Vice President for Union Developmentand Chair of NUS Services,says of NUS’support for the campaign:


“NUS are pleased to support the Stop Funding Hate campaign. We strongly believe in freedom of speech and expression, but we are committed to tackling hate and intolerance in all forms, and do not believe that hate speech is in the public interest.

We are proud of our longstanding relationship with Co-op, an organisation that prioritises running in an ethical and sustainable manner. Now we want to see Co-op, and all of the organisations we work with, reflect the values of our membership and join the wider movement to eliminate hate speech from our national discourse.”

Richard Wilson, Founder and Director of Stop Funding Hate said:

“We’re delighted that the National Union of Students is supporting Stop Funding Hate. UK students led the way in championing fair trade and challenging Apartheid. Now a new generation is pushing back against the resurgence of racism, discrimination and religious intolerance. With experts warning that the hate in our media has fuelled hate crime on our streets – with young people often bearing the brunt – it’s vital that we work together to tackle this problem. We have great respect for Co-op’s values, and we hope that they will respond positively to today’s news.”

Read more about our engagement with Stop Funding Hate in Richard Brooks’s blog.