Culture Mile

Even in the middle of the bustling City of London it is possible to reach a place of calm and peace. Featuring a combination of yin yoga and guided meditation, the session will help people with any degree of yoga experience find a source of release, and a chance to momentarily get away from their busy lives.

Accompanying will be live music written specifically for the occasion; four players will be spread around and envelop the session space, providing a sonic shield from the hubbub of the surrounding city.

Play the Mile takes place across Culture Mile from 18 May – 25 August and explores the value of play and creativity in everyday life.


Culture Mile, which stretches from Farringdon to Moorgate, is committed to transforming the north-west of the Square Mile and aims to redefine the City of London as a global leader in both culture and commerce. There is something for everyone and it is free to all, so come and explore 2,000 years of history colliding and the places and people in Culture Mile!

St Alphages Ruins, London Wall


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