Play the Mile takes place across Culture Mile from 18 May   to 25 August and explores the value of play and creativity in everyday life.

Culture Mile, which stretches from Farringdon to Moorgate, is committed to transforming the north-west of the Square Mile and aims to redefine the City of London as a global leader in both culture and commerce. There is something for everyone and it is free to all, so come and explore 2,000 years of history colliding and the places and people in Culture Mile!

Two new outdoor installations

accessible to everyone, everyday throughout the Summer


Ten new site-specific music commissions

bringing the unique architecture and history of the area to life

25 unique indoor venues and outdoor spaces to discover and explore

Creativity is in high demand and the City of London’s creative strengths are developing faster than anywhere else in the UK.

There is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to harness the area’s mix of sectors, infrastructure, connectivity and access to talent to establish Culture Mile as a hub of creativity, enterprise and innovation that delivers economic growth and social mobility for London.