PROUD students are making headway in business with their range of branded hoodies.


Fal Uni Threads is a clothing line run by a group currently preparing for the third year of their Entrepreneurship degree at Falmouth Business School.

They came together from as far away as Lithuania and Germany to enrol on the degree – though one member of the quintet has just graduated in Photography – and fell in love with the Cornwall area and its unique identity.

Wanting to give alumni and fellow students memories they could forever cherish of the south coast institution, the team began attending events, delivering items and driving sales online to generate sales at home and even abroad, where there families have taken a shine to the garments.


Digital marketing manager Will Dorrell says the company will be passed on to a first or second year cohort when they graduate so it will always be represented by current students.

Each of them also has a separate venture they run in tandem with Fal Uni Threads – including Gracie Sodzi, whose Graciefully Made giftware business raises awareness of mental health issues – to prepare them for life after university.

“The main focal point is hoodies and clothing, though we do plan to expand and look at other products this coming academic year,” said Will, 20.

“We want to give students and their families a memory they can take with them forever, but also a practical and high-quality item of clothing in different colours which is fashionable and unique.”

He added: “Launching the company while here in Falmouth means we can develop our own personal learning with a group of mentors on-hand with support and advice, which is an added bonus and something we would not otherwise have had if not studying at the Business School.

“Our aim now is to attend events across the year – we had a lot of success at the recent graduation ceremony – and come up with new ideas that we can take forward.

“Becoming more environmentally friendly and sustainable for the future will be a big part of that, looking at materials, recycling and impact on the Cornwall community.

“We also want to leave the business in strong shape for those who take it on, proving again what an amazing breeding ground this degree is for young students wanting to enter the world of business.”

For more information, take a look at the Fal Uni Threads website

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