Roundhouse presents CircusFest 2018 250 years in the making… Tuesday 3 April – Sunday 6 May


CircusFest celebrates the future of circus: daring and diverse, punky and poetic.

From the spectacular to the intimate, the festival showcases the point where circus collides with theatre, dance, live art, film and even virtual reality.

Always innovating and evolving, circus has come a long way since its beginnings. 2018 marks the 250th anniversary of the invention of modern circus, by entertainment entrepreneur Philip Astley. His show was a hit, and a new art form was created.


Founded in 2009, CircusFest is London’s biennial international festival of contemporary circus taking place at the Roundhouse and partner venues across London.


Main Space

CircusFest 2018

Relentless Unstoppable Human Machine

Pirates of the Carabina

7:30pm & 5pm

The world premiere of the mechanically-ingenious, evocative new circus show from the makers of FLOWN.

Exhilarating and funny in equal measure, with an animated set and absorbing live score, Relentless Unstoppable Human Machine (RUHM) delves into fantastical lives of two fated neighbours. In the course of a day’s misadventures, they journey beyond the mundane routine of everyday existence, discovering surprising new connections with the world, and with each other.

Featuring vertical-swinging trapeze, never-ending ropes, a spinning carousel, and a very temperamental staircase, RUHM offers up a playful, modernist parable about the futility of grand plans and the joys of giving into imagination and simply letting go.

Developed in association with Roundhouse (London) with support from Pontio (Bangor) Ffwrnes (Llanelli) and funded by Arts Council England and Arts Council of Wales.


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Main Space

CircusFest 2018

The Bekkrell Effect

Groupe Bekkrell

8pm & 6pm

UK premiere

The Bekkrell Effect is an exhilarating visual feast combining the power of punk with risk and flare.

Five performers hurtle around the stage, things fall apart, atoms decay and relationships break up – below the surface is chaos, yet with enough distance everything can be beautiful.

Part riot-grrrl pop song, part circus spectacle The Bekkrell Effect is and both comic and revealing.

Inspired by physicist Henri Becquerel’s discovery of radioactivity, French company Groupe Bekkrell have created an unstable universe of perpetual movement where matter decays and bonds disintegrate.

Powered by the strength of its performers, The Bekkrell Effect swings between acrobatics and poetry, falling and flying, in a performance as energetic as a nuclear reaction.

This UK premiere is a unique chance to experience the richness of European circus.

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