Scholarship at Harper Adams University

Velcourt Scholar, Catherin Orpin, Matthew Carter, Thomas Taylor, Jack Elworthy

Aviagen Scholarship: Wilson McLeister

Wilson, 20, from Ballymena, Co Antrim, said: “This scholarship means a great deal to me. It’s a great opportunity career wise as well as financial support, helping me to purchase necessary literature required to promote my career and assist with any living expenses.

“I’ll have the opportunity to further develop my career, my knowledge and expertise in the poultry industry and hopefully equally contribute my own skills and personal attributes to the benefit of the organisation.


“The placement job is broken down into four different sections of the industry including pedigree, research and development facilities, working on a grandparent farm, on a hatchery and then a further three months in one of the Aviagen’s overseas production facilities.

“I’d sincerely like to thank BPC and Aviagen for awarding me this scholarship and placement. This has given me the opportunity to develop my chosen career.

“I’d someday like to become a manager within the company by working my way up through the ranks, gaining valuable experience and knowledge.”

Studley College Trust Scholarship: Kate Pilkington

Kate Pilkington, BSc (Hons) Food Technology and Product Development student, has received a Studley Trust Scholarship at Harper Adams University.

Kate, 20, from Tavistock, Devon said: “This scholarship means a lot to me as it’ll support me financially with course trips that relate to my degree, helping to broaden my knowledge and experience for the future.

“While at Harper, I aim to complete my Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) course, as well as passing my trailer test.

“I’d like to thank the Studley Trust for choosing me and helping to fund my degree.”

Avara Scholarship: Megan Powell

Mrs. Kimberly Oakman, Mrs. Bev Bishton, Mr. John Reed. Sat down from L- : Megan Edwards, Zoe Cutmore, Sarah Heseltine, Bethany Tomlinson, Rebecca Cox, Emily Hickman, Hayley Neale, Harriet Gregory, Megan Powell, Rachel Faulkner, Frances Thomas Erinn Ramsay, Georgina Manns, James Laarveld, James Falkingham

Megan Powell, BSc (Hons) Agri-Business student, has been awarded an Avara Scholarship in association with the British Poultry Council (BPC) at Harper Adams Universit

Megan, 20, from Newtown, Powys said: “This scholarship means a great deal to me as it will allow me to broaden my experiences in the agricultural business industry, for which I am extremely passionate about.

“I’d like to thank Avara for this amazing opportunity.”



Studley College Trust Scholarship: Ruby Powell

Mrs. Margaret Herbert from L- R: Ruby Powell, Tommy Chappellm James Willis, Rachel Rainey, Kate Pilkington, Megan Schofield

Ruby Powell, BSc (Hons) Agri-Food Marketing with Business Studiesstudent, has received a Studley Trust Scholarship at Harper Adams University.

Ruby, 21, from Hereford, Herefordshire said: “The Studley Trust Scholarship will be a huge benefit, as it’ll be an investment into my future and career.

“I’d like to thank the Studley Trust for this opportunity, it means a great deal to me.”


Velcourt Arable Scholarship: Tom Taylor

Velcourt Scholar, Catherin Orpin, Matthew Carter, Thomas Taylor, Jack Elworthy

Tom Taylor, BSc (Hons) Agriculture with Mechanisation student, has been awarded the Velcourt Arable Scholarship at Harper Adams University.

Tom, 19, from Northampton, Northamptonshire said: “The scholarship will also provide me with a placement opportunity and a strong base to climb and succeed within the arable industry.

“The Velcourt Arable Scholarship will help to support my education and allow me to broaden my knowledge of arable production, not just in UK but also other countries which are not supported by subsidies in the same way as the UK.

“My overall ambition is to succeed within the farm management of a large business such as Velcourt.

“I’d like to thank Velcourt for awarding me with the arable scholarship as well as the placement year. I feel extremely privileged to have been selected for this incredible opportunity by such as highly regarded company.”

Kildare Charitable Trust Scholarship: Tom Vines

Mr Martin Needham with Tom Vines, Curtis Tonks, Cara Rhodes, Andrew Whitlow

While at school, Tom Vines thought university wasn’t for him; he believed he was too practically minded and didn’t wish to leave the family farm. Everything changed when he met a senior agronomist and realised that agriculture at Harper Adams was the future for him.

Now studying FdSc Agriculture, the 21 year-old from Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, has just been awarded a Kildare Charitable Trust Scholarship.

“Throughout my time at secondary school, I never gave the idea of attending a university much thought,” Tom said, “as I’ve always been more practically minded, and at the time I was incredibly engrossed with the goings on of the family farm, in fact, I never wanted to leave!

“This all changed when I came into contact with a senior agronomist who worked for Frontier Agriculture.

“I’d always taken an interest in agronomy and had thought of it as a possible future career path. A brief discussion with him led to me changing my whole perspective of the university idea. As soon as he mentioned the agricultural courses at Harper Adams, my decision was made.

“I’ve always welcomed challenges, and in the modern day, a challenge is certainly what any budding agricultural graduate is going to face in the early period of their career.

“In the past, I’ve taken a great deal of interest in potatoes, in particular, factors which can impact the overall health and productivity of a potato crop throughout its growth and development cycle.

“In 2015, I was lucky enough to secure a summer work placement with Greenvale AP, who are the UK’s leading potato agronomy firm, based in Shropshire.

“My job title was agronomist assistant, which entailed carrying out anything from potato trial digs, to quality control tests, to even speaking directly to growers, discussing how their crop is developing, and the results I’ve collected while in the field.

“This period of potato work persuaded me to investigate further into possible ideas for my university Personal Research Project (PRP). I’m writing it on the topic of: ‘Sampling and distribution of potato cyst nematodes (PCN) populations in fields on the Harper Adams University Farm’.

“I felt that it was important for my final piece of work which I submit at the end of my life as a student, would be something that I feel passionately about, and in addition, a topic which I’d definitely be interested in being involved with post-graduation, upon the completion of my course.”

On receiving the Kildare Trust Scholarship, Tome said: “Many thanks to the Kildare Charitable Trust for considering me for this award, I feel incredibly honoured and thankful for the opportunity.

“The financial support will assist me to achieve my spray operator licences.”

Millichope Scholarship and Development Trust Chairmans Discretionary Award Scholarship: Amy Shepherd

Dr Andy Wilcox with Chloe Howard and Amy Shepherd

When Amy Shepherd left school, she wasn’t sure what career she wanted to pursue. This changed at the age of 22 when she went on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Canada where she worked in the Rockies and realised that she wanted to work in the outdoors within forestry.


Now a BSc (Hons) Countryside and Environmental Management student at Harper Adams University, Amy, 28, has been awarded a Millichope Scholarship and the Development Trust (DT) Chairman’s Discretionary Award, which will support her in taking a voluntary position with Wyre Community Land Trust for her placement year.

The scholar, from Telford, Shropshire, said: “Having grown up in Shropshire, I’ve been brought up in an environment surrounded by rural beauty, however, my daily working routine left me craving for a life in the outdoors.

Amy has been awarded the Millichope Scholarship and the DT Chairman’s Discretionary Award, which will help her undertake a voluntary placement year at Wyre Community Land Trust in Shropshire.

On receiving the awards, Amy added: “I’ll be working as a forester as they have an oak woodland there. I’ll be helping with the thinning and management processes, alongside doing management plans as well.

“During my time on placement, I’ll be staying in a caravan that they have onsite in the middle of the woods. It might sound remote, but it’s not as isolated as what I got used to while in Canada where I didn’t even have a car.

“The scholarship I’ve received means a lot to me, as returning to university was a big investment, especially being a mature student. It’s given me reassurance that I definitely made the right decision.

“The money will make a huge difference to me over my placement year, not only through support for the year, but the chance to attend training and conferences to enhance my knowledge and skills.

“These opportunities made available by Renée and the DT team are truly life changing and I appreciate all their efforts in making these possible.”