Student Life in London

London has more theatres in the central area than any other city in the world.


London has the largest student population in Western Europe. Apart from the various colleges of the University of London there are many of the newer polytechnic universities and colleges, as well as the overseas campuses of many American and other national universities.

London is very much a ‘World City’. Apart from being one of three major international financial centres, London is the capital of the fourth largest economy in the world. It has unrivalled art collections and world famous museums which either have free entry or charge a modest fee. Students are usually entitled to pay a reduced fee. London has more theatres in the central area than any other city in the world.

These offer everything from classical repertoire, experimental theatre, light entertainment and musicals. With three Opera Houses and Corps de Ballet, and nine Symphony Orchestras, this is truly the world’s ‘Capital of Music’, celebrated each year during the summer at the world-famous Albert Hall ‘Promenade Concerts’. All of these opportunities are available at special Student Discount rates. Sport is, of course, another passion which can be pursued very actively in London.


Some of the UK’s most famous and successful football teams are located here, including Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham. For cricket fans, Lord’s and the Oval provide venues for international matches, and for tennis the summer championships at Wimbledon provide an obvious highlight. There are also, of course, numerous youth culture venues, ethnic restaurants and shopping facilities offering everything from super-budget to luxury goods and services. Student life in London could, therefore, never be described as ‘boring’!