Student Life in Manchester

Inviting, original, edgy, happening, different: spend any time in Manchester and you’ll soon see it’s a place like no other.


This free-spirited city demands your attention with a warm, no-nonsense welcome and a liberating open-mindedness that challenges you to take part. Bring us your ideas, your energy and your attitude and you’ll fit right in – that’s what makes the  city uniquely Manchester….

The city’s cosmopolitan culture ignited the first sparks of more widespread social revolutions such as Marx and Engels’ labour movement, trade unionism and the campaign for the vote for women.
Numerous intellectual endeavours, such as John Dalton’s contribution to atomic theory, James Joule’s contribution to modern physics and Alan Turing’s contribution to computing, established Manchester as a key centre of academic discovery.

Flourishing development attracted a large immigrant population from diverse far-flung places, such as the stock exchanges of New York and Berlin, cotton fields of the American South, docks of Bombay and Calcutta and European intellectual capitals.


Industrial wealth and civic culture shaped a distinctive cityscape where distinguished pillars of Mancunian history now rub shoulders with striking contemporary architecture. Historic public buildings include the Town Hall, Victoria Baths and the neo-gothic John Rylands Library. Many warehouses, mills and factories have been converted to sleek and trendy galleries, offices and apartments, while the 21st century Beetham Tower dominates the modern skyline.

Tree-lined streets and leafy parks bring out the city’s softer side, boosting Manchester’s appeal as a welcoming, cosmopolitan European city.


Manchester’s quirky yet stylish, streetwise yet avant-garde sense of fashion has earned it the richly deserved title of ‘Shopping capital of the North West’. Packed with high-street brands, eccentric boutiques and the glitz and glam of designer labels, this shoppers’ Mecca has something for everyone.

Bargain hunters and fashion fanatics have high-street stores aplenty in Market Street, the Triangle and the Arndale Shopping Centre, Manchester’s busiest shopping area.

If Primark, Fopp and American Apparel do not suffice, there’s plenty to satisfy WAG-like appetites for prestigious retail therapy: in Exchange Square and King Street, designer names abound, including Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Reiss, Armani and Vivienne Westwood.

Those seeking an individual look visit the classy boutiques of Deansgate and Barton Arcade, while the more bohemian shoppers trawl the streets of the Northern Quarter – a hub of independent businesses, vintage clothing, retro furniture, record shops, cafes and bookstores. This trendy area is scattered with unique gems such as Affleck’s, Rags to Bitches, Junk and Piccadilly Records.

Finally, if you like all your shopping needs met under one roof, hail a bus and head for the Trafford Centre outside the city centre: a gigantic shopping haven that boasts over 230 stores and attracts savvy shoppers from across the North West