Student Loans Explained

Martin Lewis: Student Loans Decoded is a groundbreaking, no-nonsense, authoritative guide to student finance and the real impact of higher education on both students’ and parents’ pockets.


Speaking to a lively group of 100 pupils at Queens Park Community School in north-west London, Martin shatters popular myths and challenges the widespread misinformation that risks many young people not understanding – in practical terms – whether they can actually afford to go to university.

This easy-to-follow programme focuses on the current system in England (introduced in 2012) and is intended for prospective university students in years 11-13 and their parents. Designed to be watched at home or in the classroom, it is a valuable resource for teachers and students.

Watch it in full or jump to one of the chapters below:

How much does it cost to go to university? 1:02
How much are parents expected to contribute? 8:32
How are student loans paid back? 19:38
How does the interest on student loans work? 29:39
Q&A with Martin Lewis – 44:22