Students back campaign to scrap Dundee University’s graduation fees


Over Six hundred students are backing a campaign led by 23-year-olds Misa Elliot and Hope Murphy, both architecture masters students at the university, who launched a petition last week. They are part of a growing national campaign calling for all universities to ditch the demand.

Dundee University currently requires that graduating students pay a fee of £40 in order to graduate, whether they attend the ceremony or not. This fee is in addition to costs incurred by mandatory robe hire, official photos, and other extras put on by the university. The unnecessary costs of graduating means that some students are not able to attend their ceremony, and it is a large financial burden on all students.

The pair want the £40 fee, which must be paid before a student can officially graduate from the institution, to be scrapped.


NUS Scotland has published an open letter to all college and university principles urging them to ensure every student is ‘”free to graduate”.

A number of major Scottish Universities – Glasgow, Strathclyde, and Aberdeen have recently done away with this fee, with Robert Gordon looking to follow suit. This leaves Dundee in a minority of major Scottish Universities still charging this ridiculous fee

NUS Scotland President Liam McCabe gave his full backing to the pair’s petition.

He said: “It is incredible to see the reaction to our ‘Free to Graduate’ campaign.

“I am delighted that students at the University of Dundee are throwing their weight behind the national campaign to remove these unjustifiable charges.

“Students across the country are sending a collective and resounding message that time is firmly up on graduation fees.”

A spokesperson for Dundee University said: “We are aware of the petition and will consider it in due course.

“Any discussion with students on the matter will be channelled via our Students’ Association.”