Top 10 tips for planning your gap year and avoid the unavoidable

Each year, approximately 230,000 young people in the UK plan their gap year. If you haven’t travelled abroad for a substantial amount of time it can be a daunting task. Overseeing the wellbeing of its...

Ethical volunteering overseas

In recent years, concern has grown that some organisations are failing to meet the expectations of overseas volunteers and that volunteers themselves have not thought through what their placement will involve. Volunteers frequently feel let...

Student Gap year? – ideas and things to think about

A gap year offers you the opportunity to gain skills and experiences, while giving you time to reflect and focus on what you want to do next. A productive gap year can be valuable on...

Volunteering Overseas

If you want to combine volunteering with travelling overseas, there are many companies who organise such trips. However be aware that for many opportunities you will be expected to pay a (sometimes large) fee. While...
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Universities to keep lectures online into Autumn term

A number of UK universities have said they are planning to keep lectures online for at least the first term of the next academic...



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