Round the world flights

We have put together a our thoughts on what need to consider in ensuring you have the best time at the best price. Where do I go? Before you get started with any planning of your...

Ethical volunteering overseas

In recent years, concern has grown that some organisations are failing to meet the expectations of overseas volunteers and that volunteers themselves have not thought through what their placement will involve. Volunteers frequently feel let...

Safe Sisterly Sojourns

More and more women are travelling on their own now – but the obvious dangers are as real as ever. Polly Curtis looks at keeping out of trouble in places were the girl power...

Should I volunteer overseas? Things you should consider

It is debatable whether many volunteering opportunities bring real benefits to host communities and often exploit the good intentions of well-meaning volunteers. UK student volunteers can pay thousands of pounds (most going to the...
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Student accommodation providers refusing to let renters leave their contract early...

The NUS has received widespread reports of student accommodation providers refusing to let renters leave their contract early during the COVID 19 pandemic. Members...

Student loans and finance

University Tuition fees




Latest Movie: Knives Out

A mystery is brewing at the Thrombrey residence as wealthy family patriarch Harlan (Christopher Plummer) celebrates his 85th birthday surrounded by his estranged family,...

Frozen 2


Latest Movie: Cats