The Tour Finals represent the culmination of nine qualifying events that have been held across the UK, allowing universities and colleges from all of the country to enter their most talented golfers.

Enabling players to compete at the highest level while still in education, university golf plays a vital role in harnessing the development of some of the country’s brightest young players.

Indeed, its profile has been bolstered this year by the funding of the R&A, who have invested in the campaign to enhance the prestige and awareness that surrounds the tour.

“Events like this are huge in helping develop university golf,” said Stew Fowlie, Chief Operating Officer for Scottish Student Sport.


“These tournaments really help people with their course craft – the fact that you’ve got such a good collection of players who are all of a high standard is great.

“This event is the showcase at the end of it all. It’s great to see the camaraderie between the players – it matters so much to people.”

For many young golfers, the Tour Finals will be the final time they compete at BUCS level before leaving university.

However, with events like this week’s and the continued support of R&A funding, the importance of university golf is only set to grow further into the future.

As well as stating the significance of university golf, he was equally thankful for the role of the R&A’s funding and the support being offered to the game.

“The R&A should be thanked for all the support they’re giving – the support that comes into the tour is invaluable,” added Fowlie.

“It means we can get good venues, the cost can be kept down for players, and that there are some of the nicer touches around with the branding and the look and feel of the events.

“They’re doing their bit to develop the game, and it really adds value to what the universities and colleges can do for themselves.

“We just hope that people have a good experience and keep wanting to play golf – that’s what it’s all about.”

And looking forward, it appears student golf is without doubt heading in the right direction.

“There’s no question that university golf has got a bright and prosperous future – the guys are working hard on refinements each year to nudge it along,” he said.

“The players certainly respond to that. I’m hoping the next five or ten years are going to be a really good phase for BUCS golf.”