University of Hull given ‘Epilepsy Friendly’ status by Young Epilepsy


The University of Hull has been accredited the ‘Epilepsy Friendly’ status by national charity Young Epilepsy due to their ongoing improvements with supporting students living with the condition.

Staff at the University of Hull took the initiative to learn more about the effects that life in higher education can have on young people with epilepsy. They have done so by enrolling in Young Epilepsy’s ‘Epilepsy Friendly’ scheme which provides free epilepsy training and resources for colleges and universities across the UK.

Epilepsy can have a devastating impact on young people in higher education; Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP) has a high occurrence in this age range (18-21 years). Stress, alcohol, tiredness, lack of sleep, dehydration, forgetting to take medication can all be contributing factors.


The University of Hull is the 45th place of higher education to be ‘Epilepsy Friendly’. The initiative was introduced in 2013 as a way of encouraging universities and colleges to ensure the safety of young people living with epilepsy.

Chris Denyer, Partnerships and Outreach Manager at Young Epilepsy, said,

“Epilepsy is a misunderstood condition that can have serious impacts for young people in higher education. They may need extra support and we want all universities across the UK to be ready and able to do just that. It’s great to see the University of Hull recognising this and in doing so, have taken the initiative to becoming ‘Epilepsy Friendly’.”