University sports

Reasons why students should support their university sport teams


There are many universities across the United Kingdom that compete against each other in a number of major sporting events throughout the academic year. Football, rugby and cricket are just a few examples of the activities that help draw students together as they pit their wits against rival universities. It is vital that students should be involved in university sport in some way, either as a player or as a supporter in order to fully get behind their establishment. We take a look at a few of the main reasons why students should support their university sport teams, and why it is so important.

Sport brings people together

The best thing about sport is that it often brings people closer together. Exercise and extra-curricular activities are a brilliant way to meet new people and get involved in further university life. Sport teams offer students a breather from their studies, and they can enjoy meeting up with friends for a game of hockey, badminton or other sports and just relax. Many people say that your university years are the best of your life, and getting involved with a sports team would certainly help you to enjoy your time at one of the UK’s academic establishments.


Celebrating success

This applies to both team and individual success, and on both a personal and university level. For example, you can celebrate the individual achievements of a rugby player who has grown through the ranks of his local club – whilst remaining at university – and has been called up to the first team to feature in the Challenge Cup. On a similar level, you can congratulate and support the university cricket team in their opening clash of the season. There are many reasons to celebrate success, and it’s crucial that the achievements of those fortunate enough to progress to high levels in sport are recognised.

To be proud of your university

Another reason why students should support and get involved with university sport teams is to show that they are proud to attend the university establishment and to make others aware of this. There are a number of university ‘Varsity’ tournaments, for example Swansea vs. Cardiff, where universities travel to a rival and they compete in various sports over the course of the weekend. However, this helps to build up friendly banter and many of those involved become good friends with opposing players too. It is crucial to openly support your university and inform others that you are proud to attend your chosen institution.