Worried about being loaded with thousands of pounds’ worth of student debt? Student Times in partnership with which to the bottom of tuition fees – it might not be as bad as you think…

Tuition fees are currently limited to £9,250 a year, a rise in line with inflation from the previous maximum of £9,000 per year. On paper, this seems like a large amount of money – and it is – but a lack of money shouldn’t stop you going to university. In fact, most students won’t have to pay fees up front and there is a wide range of support available, too.

Just to make things really confusing, there are quite a few differences in what you pay throughout the UK.

  • If you’re English: up to £9,250 per year when studying in England, ScotlandNorthern Ireland or Wales. It may be more for a privately-run university or college.
  • If you’re Scottish: free if you’re studying in Scotland; up to £9,250 per year in England and Northern Ireland; or £9,000 in
  • If you’re Welsh: up to £9,000 in Wales,
  • If you’re Northern Irish: up to £4,160 per year for studying in Northern Ireland, or £9,250 per year in England or Scotland and £9,000 in
Should I choose a degree course with lower tuition fees?

As tempting as it is, choosing a course with lower fees may not make much difference when it comes to what you pay back. This is because your annual repayments will depend on your salary, rather than the amount you borrowed.


Whether you choose a course that costs more or less than £9,250 per year, you’ll repay the same amount each month – although it will take longer

to pay it back. On top of that, many students won’t have repaid the full amount of their loan by the point the remaining amount owed is written off (30 years after you graduate for English and Welsh students).

Tuition fee loans eligibility

In order to qualify for a tuition fee loan, you need to be studying in higher education for the first time and be under the age of 60 at the start of the academic year. Students undertaking full-time distance learning courses do not qualify


Tuition fee loans are also available to Masters students, and those taking a second degree in a science, technology, engineering or maths (STEM) subject.

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